We´re so excited that you are considering to join the Future Leaders team in Copenhagen! The application process is now open and we´re looking forward to hear from you!

Values and personalities we are looking for to join the team!

  • Vigor - Acts on values, looks at leeway, great implementation abilities, dares to take the leadership role, believe in their own ability to influence the outcome, actor in their own lives, dare to go own / new way.

  • Good value base - Cares for others, cares about helping, and cares for the world, empathic, acting when you think something is wrong, taking responsibility for others than yourself.

  • Self-esteem - Robust people, dares to stand up for themselves and others, positive self-esteem, takes care of themselves and others, consciously on what they value, know what they deserve, confident in whom they are.

  • Self-awareness - Know who they are, how they work, dares to be vulnerable, see developmental potential in themselves.

  • Guts - Great ambitions, dares to bet, dares to do things that do not match today's standards, visionary thoughts.

  • Aligned life - Their story about themselves, what they actually do and where they want to go is aligned

All staff in the operational team, meaning pioneers, challengers and pacetters, must both understand and speak norwegian. More info underneath.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at: