Dear pioneers in Future Leaders Global; Norway, Sweden or Spain Pioneers. Could this be for you?

Are you a pioneer in Future Leaders Global Norway, Sweden or Spain or just curious to journey further into your leadership & deepen your knowledge and experience?

Are you interested in taking your leadership to a whole new level by practicing what it really means to host, lead and build community and projects in times if complexity and uncertainty?

Would you like to be part of the other Future Leaders in Zimbabwe in creating a positive impact on your own life, your community and the world?

Do you want to develop the ability to foster and build healthy relations, collaborations in the community, organizational life and you in relation to others?

Do you want to explore and understand the current global context, to develop and explore better solutions at various scales and levels of complexity; understanding old systems and how to make better ones?

Do you say YES to all or some of these questions and do you have more questions?


Zimbabwe, a land of great untapped potential, finds itself in historical and monumental times. The nation having within itself ripe energy, awaits the emergence of young leaders who will precipitate a leadership, entrepreneurial and business transformation. The leaders who will drive this shift already exist and they are inside of every young Zimbabwean. What is needed now is a great display of pragmatism and a progressive leadership style that emanates from within individuals and spills over into institutions and the nation at large.

Future Leaders Harare is the self-leadership experience designed to use an engaging approach which is participatory and reflective to reach deep into the person, drawing out a leadership awakening and awareness. Now is the time for young leaders and entrepreneurs to reconnect with themselves and institute a shift that starts from within. Future Leaders is meant to stimulate the creation of a conducive platform where the individual can unlearn, learn and relearn leadership through self-seeking processes to allow the enrichment to spill into relationships that stir co-creation and sustainable collaboration.

The Future Leaders of Zimbabwe is now looking for International Pioneers to join us for our 2019 programs. As an International Pioneer you do not only take part in a globally recognized leadership development program, you will get a chance to journey together with the Pioneers of Future Leaders in Zimbabwe and take part in shaping and facilitating the program for participants. You will gain an even deeper dive into the Future Leaders-curriculum and get hands-on experience in diversity and leadership in times of complexity.

In other words, as an International Pioneer you are invited to dive into a deep inquiry looking into your own leadership journey, and at the same time invited to step up and support the Future Leaders of Zimbabwe in their learning journey.

What we can offer you as an International Pioneer in Zimbabwe this summer:

-Accommodation at Kufunda Village during the program which lasts 1-30th June

-Support from the Future Leaders Harare-team during the traveling and preparation process

-1-week residential advanced Pioneer training, together with the Pioneers of Future Leaders in Zimbabwe, focusing on what leadership in times of global diversity, complexity and uncertainty really require from you on a personal - and community-level. You will continue the learning journey as a Pioneer by getting hands on experience in the Art of Hosting-methodology, all led by locally and internationally recognized leadership development practitioners (3rd.-8th June)

-1-week residential Future Leaders Gathering with participants. This time you will get an opportunity to support and follow up on participants during their learning process and receive personal feedback in the process. The curriculum will be centered around self-leadership, relational leadership and diversity management. (24th-29th June)

-An opportunity to volunteer with the Future Leaders Global-team in Harare and Kufunda Village

-International Future Leaders Global Pioneer certificate

International pioneer fee: 500 USD (however, cost should not be a limitation. If you feel like this call is for you, please send in your application. If you are selected, we will support you in the process of acquiring the necessary funds)

Limited spots are available. Send us an email to or write in the form underneath and tell us about yourself and why you are interested in becoming an International Pioneer in Zimbabwe this summer.

Application deadline: 31th March 2019

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