Barcelona’s warmth, diversity, and cultural and innovative ecosystem is drawing more and more entrepreneurs. 

In the last years, the city has obtained the first place in the world ranking as a creative and intelligent city. The increasing number of startups, workspaces and events around innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, sustainability and social impact makes it a perfect ecosystem to bring relevant value to its leaders and the emerging ones.

Future Leaders is co-creating a new concept of leadership as accessible, innovative, creative and disruptive, which brings an incredible value to entrepreneurship.

program 2018 1st edition in Barcelona

- Special emphasis on: entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and impact.

- When: 4 weekends between April – July 2018

- Price: 75 EUR per month

*All the program fee at once: 200 EUR

*FL's Grants: contact cristina@futureleadersglobal.com