Future Leaders gathers the most ambitious youth, the ones with an aim to solve the UN SDG’s, the dreamers and the innovators -  and give them the tools and network to create global change through established business, politics and startups.


The nature of the program fosters a strong community that lasts years. Participants find a safe space to grow, doubt, ask, dream and create. But Future Leaders’ impact goes beyond the program.

Its ecosystem empowers people from all ages and backgrounds, organizations, companies to take action and change the world in every possible direction.  We believe it is through cooperation and co-creation we can create the changes that contribute to positive impact.



Some of the companies that were born after participating in Future Leaders:

Young Sustainable Impact - Global conference gathering the world’s brightest talents to work together towards the UN SDGs.

Thunderwave - Specialised in development of competitive advantage and disrupting industries.

Well Behaved Daily - Online youth magazine discussing the tabus in our society and creating a common space for youth to discuss changes and learn from each other.