In Future Leaders we know that leadership is something you learn by doing.
Welcome to Future Leaders Czech

Future Leaders Czech is a local country chapter within Future Leaders, aiming to enable glocal (= global & local) discussions and actions among like-minded individuals.

Along with FL's educational programs, we are inviting you to get hands-on and to join this glocal movement where we get to the core of a variety of issues, understand our country-specific problems based on science, and work individually as well as collaboratively towards finding solutions. In short: self-reflection, collaboration, and sustainability-driven action in Czech.
Good To Know
Our program is divided into three main subjects securing both personal and professional growth. Firstly, the Future Leader program give an understanding of the values and necessity of self-leadership. Thereafter, the program provides a toolbox and real life practices on how to understand, lead and work in relations to others. When the future leaders have an understanding of both self-leadership and leadership, they are empowered to create impact in the world.

The online program stretches over 4 weekend gatherings and combines personal reflection, group sessions, peer to peer learning, active participation and expert talks.

We have also two different versions of face to face program for companies:
1) Program exclusively for an organization.
2) Program with participants from different organizations.

All material is in English, however speakers and other information will be held in the native language. Therefore, participants must understand the native language.
Prime Minister Erna Solberg Have Faith In You
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You are not alone. Around the world there is people, organisations, leaders, and companies doing the best to get things done before point of no return; 2030. The Future Leaders community is for those who understand that the only way to solve the challenges ahead of us is through collaboration.