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Who are we? 


We are the ones who work a bit harder, who want a bit more, who care a bit too much. We are the nerds, the game changers, - the kids your mother warned you about. 

- But more than anything, we are the ones who know that we are the first generation to experience the global challenges of our time - and in many cases the last generation who can do something about it. And trust us - we'll do our best! 

We in Future Leaders are working on creating a social, economic and environmental sustainable world through developing brave young leaders. Everyone working at Future Leaders is doing so on a voluntary basis. It is thanks to the passion, grit and resilience we have managed to come to where we are today. We started as a small friction and are now starting to see energy. Therefore we are looking for more people in all departments and at all locations of the organisation.

So; what are you waiting for? Let us know who you are and how we are a match by filling out the form below.

Who are you? 

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