Learn self MANAGEMENT, leadership, impact and SUSTAINABILITY

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Application for BERGEN (BGO), Copenhagen (CPH) and Oslo (OSL) is closed



Future Leaders aim to create social, economic and environmental sustainability through leadership.

We believe the most efficient way to do so is by developing young leaders, able to take on our global challenges. At our Future Leaders Academy you’ll meet ambitious, cool and kind entrepreneurs, rebels, doctors, actors - you name it!

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Our recipe for great leaders are:

  1. Self Leadership; you must know how to lead yourself before leading others

  2. Leadership; how to lead a team, movement or company - or whatever you want!

  3. Impact: What’s happening in the world, and how can you create an impact?




You’ll find our Future Leaders program in Oslo, Bergen, Barcelona, Stockholm and Copenhagen! We're gathering the best speakers, the best students and the best experts for one hell of a year! 

Apply before the September 1st for our programs in all the cities.
8 weekends during the courses from October 2017 until June 2018. Find dates for your city here.



You don't need to attend the academy to be a future leader. If you aim to have a positive impact you are part of our movement!

We wish to connect all the rebels, the entrepreneurs, the artists, the whatever – that are working for a better future, so that we can learn from each other. It does not matter if you’re old, young, cool or lame. You decide if you are a Future Leader. Together we stand stronger


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3. We work hard and play hard.

The biggest value you will get from joining Future Leaders is the access to all the brilliant people.

We’re community nerds and do our best to give you what you need to accomplish your dreams! At Game Changer nights we gather great speakers, panels and awesome audience to a chill night with good dialogue and drinks.


If you want to apply straight away you can click the button underneath.


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