It is hard not to be affected by the daily flood of negative headlines, challenges and problems that seem unsolvable, politicians and leaders whose main drive is their ego, ambition and greed.

That trust towards major institutions has fallen all around the world, is hardly a controversial statement these days. It’s easy to lose hope when the media gets increasingly polarized, when global leaders lie and unstable global relations are becoming daily news rather than the exception.

Conflicts, war, human tragedy and epidemics - there is a lot of bad things going on out there. However, the truth of the matter is that we never have lived in a better world than today. A world with less poverty, fewer nations at war, and more children attending school than ever before.  

These facts are not coincidences nor strokes of luck. It's the result of brave men and women working hard every day - to push the world in the right direction.

Things are getting better but we are facing some challenges that might seem unbearable and unfixable. It might seem tempting to ignore it - to continue with business and life as usual, but just like the men and women before us we can find a solution if we act together.

Today's systems and laws, corporate structures and politics are based on old needs, and we can’t solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them.

The future is about collaboration, about agility, about realizing that one can do work that is both good business and good for the world simultaneously.

We have the potential to create this future together.

It is not about the newest software or the newest social media. It’s about people, building a new culture and a new reality.

History has always been written by leaders. Those leading nations, a sister or brother or even themselves, into the unknown.

With a new set of leaders who thrive in changing times. Leaders who inspire, motivate, understand the future and how to get there. Together - step by step we will create a new and better tomorrow.