Program 2019 in Harare

Future Leaders Harare Global is offering you an opportunity to join other young people from Zimbabwe into a 5-weekend intensive leadership program where you will get a chance to share your story, dreams, inspiration, grow more fully into your best self while at the same time deepening the practice in personal leadership, relational leadership and complex problem solving. We are offering an embodied holistic learning experience, with a program anchored in critical management studies, deep learning and complexity theory.

Deadline for application is April 5th.

If you are through to part two of the application process we will invite you for an interview which will take place in Harare either 1st or 2nd April.



Participant gathering 1: 27th-28th April

Participant gathering 2: 11th-12th May

Participant gathering 3: 15th-16th June

Participant gathering 4: 20th-21st July

Participant gathering 5: 7-8th September


Cost: $300 USD (or equivalent in bonds/Ecocash) However, price should not be a limitation. If you do not have the sufficient funds available to attend, but still feel like this call is for you, please reach out and we will see how we can assist you in raising the sufficient funds needed for your participation.

Collaboration partners 

Impact Hub-Harare

Impact Hub Harare is part a global community of 90+ Impact Hubs across the world. Impact Hub Harare is a community of social impact innovators who strive to transform the social landscape by offering a collaborative platforms and work-space for organisations and individuals with a social impact focus. The hub supports initiatives and programs across sectors including technology, environmental sustainability, agriculture, arts and even philanthropy. We work towards helping to uplift marginalised communities of women and youth through modern innovation. Our aim is to inspire, connect and enable our local community.

Ubuntu Lab

UbuntuLab (ULAB), is a personal growth hub which focuses on instilling holistic development skills to emerging market entrepreneurs; primarily in Africa. We deliver trainings on VALUE-BASED ENTREPRENEURSHIP; with a strong emphasis on the entrepreneur tapping into their authenticity to guide them. We engage individuals, institutions and entrepreneurs through interactive workshops, mentorship programs and tailor made creative facilitations.