Who we are
In Future Leaders we know that leadership is something you learn by doing.
Our Story

It's safe to say that we live in the best time in human history. Still, it's also true that we are facing some of the biggest challenges ever known to mankind, and we can't solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them. We need new solutions, systems and ideas. And to create these, we need a new generation of leaders and decision-makers - both locally and globally. Leaders who take ethical choices and sustainability responsibility.

Future Leaders is developed (against all odds) by young people from all over the world coming together and demanding change. We did not have the funding, the knowledge or the credibility - but we share a common belief that there must be a better way. By respecting and building on the great ideas and achievements of previous generations we are already standing on the shoulders of giants - and we, the Future Leaders, are here to do our part in pushing the needle in the right direction.

Now more than ever we need individuals to stand up and acknowledge that leadership is not a role you get. Leadership is a choice, and so is responsibility. Your friends, your family, your generation and the generations to come need you to take action now. Take leadership and collaborate across all bounderies, networks, communities, nations and organizations.

Thinking individually, acting as one.
We are the Future Leaders,
And so are you!
Our Vision
A thriving world led through conscious responsible action
Our Mission
Mobilizing, developing and empowering the next generation of conscious leaders to work together on glocal challenges and take long term responsibility.
Our Principles
In Future Leaders we have 10 principles that are meant to help guide us at any time. In our lives, while developing the organisation, everything.

We hope you take ownership to these; both in the program and in your day to day :)

  1. There must be a better way.
  2. Do what is right.
  3. Think far, act now.
  4. Trust yourself, be brave and dare to act.
  5. Nothing works unless you do.
  6. The only way forward is through.
  7. Leave the place better than when you arrived.
  8. Treating everyone equally by treating everyone differently.
  9. Take responsibility. Always!
  10. Imperfect is the only perfect.

We are still working to finalize the perfect principles, and will decide on it in January of 2020. Until then we hope you give feedback, comments and suggestions if you have any. If you have any thoughts or comments please visit the co-creation document by clicking here.

You can do this by joining the "Late night with Future Leaders events"

International Coordination Team
Elin Nørve
I'm responsible for corporate sales, international growth and what to do next.
Why I am a part of Future Leaders:
We as a global society are in desperate need of solving the biggest challenges of our time. Developing young leaders that can take on some of these are one of the most efficient ways to work for a better and brighter future.
Robin T. Sverd
Community Coordinator / Corporate Team / Berlin Facilitator
Email: robin@futureleadersglobal.com
As Future Leaders have prototyped a leadership program for the last years we are now ready to scale the program globally. The purpose of my role long term is to upgrade and unleash the potential of the Future Leader network by facilitating the emergence of a globally engaged, high-performing, autonomous and exponential organizational culture. A culture of committed and engaged people working towards solving the UN Sustainability Goals through constant self-improvement, self-enrichment and ultimately developing themselves into the Future Leaders of our globe.

Why I am a part of Future Leaders:
Im a Souliver on a Glocal Peacefaring mission. I believe that now, more than ever, every global citizen needs to step up to address the challenges that we are now facing as a global community. I'm part of Future Leaders because I've realized that all change starts with me and I'm thrilled to be part of a community of passionate people that are actively developing themselves to be able to mobilize their local community to act in these surreal times we are living in.
Fredrik Aa. Lowzow
Financial Gatekeeper / Team Lead Corporate
Email: fredrik@futureleadersglobal.com
Team Responsible for finances
Evelin Grauen
Program Coordinator
Email: evelin.grauen@futureleadersglobal.com
My work is to listen to pioneering ideas, and to make sure we keep developing a program and community that prepares young people to lead in tomorrow's world. I'd love to talk about this with you - reach out if you want to support the mission with your knowledge and experience!
Arvid Eiranson
Community Coordinator in Copenhagen
Email: arvid.e@futureleadersglobal.com
Responsible for coordinating the team, program and operations in Copenhagen

Why I am a part of FL:
For me, Future Leaders is a purpose and a commitment. The purpose is my belief in the younger generation as a positive and unstoppable force in this world. The commitment is my path to becoming my best self, for myself and the people around me.
Alexander Muri
City Coordinator
Email: Alexander@futureleadersglobal.com
Responsible for coordinating the team, program and operations in Bergen.

Why I am a part of Future Leaders:
I am a part of this program because I want to make a change in this world. I am motivated and dedicated to be a part of the participants journey in making the world a better place, as well as developing myself along the way. The people you engage with in during this program is something special, and it makes me optimistic that our generation can do something about the alarming problems the world is facing right now.
Henriette Wulff
Head of communication
Email: Henriette.Wulff@futureleadersglobal.com