Who we are
In Future Leaders we know that leadership is something you learn by doing.
We Mobilize and Empower the next generation of Conscious Leaders that will work together to solve the Global challenges
We operate as a non-profit with autonomous communities, led by local volunteers, that commit to mobilizing and empowering the next generation of conscious leaders to take on the glocal responsibility. Our collective goal is to reach the Global Sustainability Goals within 2030.
Our Story
It's safe to say that we live in the best time in human history. Still, it's also true that we are facing some of the biggest challenges ever known to mankind, and we can't solve today's challenges with the same mindset that created them.

We need new solutions, systems, and ideas - and to create these we need a new generation of leaders and decision-makers - both locally and globally.

Leaders who take ethical choices and sustainability responsibility.

Future Leaders is developed (against all odds) by young people from all over the world coming together and demanding change. We did not have the funding, the knowledge or the credibility - but we share a common belief that there must be a better way.

By respecting and building on the great ideas and achievements of previous generations we are already standing on the shoulders of giants - and we - the Future Leaders - are here to do our part in pushing the needle in the right direction.

Now more than ever we need individuals to stand up and acknowledge that leadership is not a role you get.

Leadership is a choice and so is responsibility.

Now more than ever your friends, your family, your generation and the generations to come to need you to take action, to take leadership.

Thinking individually, acting as one.

We are the Future Leaders,

And so are you.

Take responsibility. Always.

You are never wrong to do the right thing

Leadership is not a role it's a responsibility that anyone can take.

Before leading others you need to lead yourself.

The only way you can fulfil your potential is by following your passion.

It's all about the people.