In Future Leaders we know that leadership is something you learn by doing.
We don't want the current situation to stop us from hosting the program this season. The FL CPH team is following the development in Denmark and the Danish guidelines closely, and will take necessary precautions.

In Copenhagen, we will:
  • Follow local guidelines and regulations regarding number of participants - Have disinfection available on the location
  • Spaces in the location will take social distancing into account - seats will be one meter apart
  • We encourage our participants to think about hygiene and wash their hands, use disinfectant and stay home in case of having any common cold symptoms
  • Keep ongoing conversation to give friendly reminders
  • In Future Leaders, we love hugs - but let's save them for now.
  • Take necessary precautions around serving food and beverage during the gatherings
  • Disinfect and clean open surfaces, doors, and door handles regularly
  • Have signs in place at the location site
  • Adhere to the maximum amount of people for indoor gatherings
Practical information
Gathering dates 20/21
Gatherings (9am - 5pm)
1. Gathering: October 10th -11th
2. Gathering: November 7th-8th
3. Gathering: December 5th -6th
4. Gathering: January 16th -17th
5. Gathering: February 13th -14th
6. Gathering: March 13th-14th

Make sure you can commit to joining all gatherings before applying - your presence is important for the whole team.

You can also expect some social activities in the end of October, November and one in February/March. These are not mandatory.
Age group
Of course, this is flexible. We care more about who you are than your age!
Program Fee
1500 DKK
Written questionnaire
Second round is trough interviews
You will be informed if you are in the program on this date.
Connect with the Future Leaders in Copenhagen
You are not alone. Around the world there are people, organisations, leaders, and companies doing the best they can to make a positive change. We understand that the only way to solve challenges ahead of us is together with a strong community. We are always welcoming those that want to become part of or collaborate with Future Leaders in Copenhagen.
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