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Welcome to Future Leaders Germany

Future Leaders Germany is a local country chapter within Future Leaders, aiming to enable glocal (= global & local) discussions and actions among like-minded individuals.

Along with FL's educational programs, we are inviting you to get hands-on and to join this glocal movement where we get to the core of a variety of issues, understand our country-specific problems based on science, and work individually as well as collaboratively towards finding solutions. In short: self-reflection, collaboration, and sustainability-driven action in Germany.

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Additionally, we are sharing ideas and stories based on Future Leader's three core elements with a deeper focus on German culture. Topics we will cover will be e.g. around smart governance, (self-) leadership, sustainability, the future of food, education, and much more.
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You are not alone. Around the world there are people, organisations, leaders, and companies doing the best they can to make a positive change. We understand that the only way to solve challenges ahead of us is together with a strong community. We are always welcoming those that want to become part of or collaborate with Future Leaders in Germany.