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Someone gave it to you, and now you have the chance to give the opportunity forward.

Someone before you gave you the possibility to participate in the Future Leaders program. Someone before you gave you the opportunity to learn and practice conscious responsible leadership and further create impact for a better future. Now you have the chance to give this opportunity to someone else, by paying for the next future leader's spot in the program.

You choose what you want and can give by clicking the button below. You will be taken to a PayPal page.
Guiding marked value is approximately 280 EURO.

    "Through Future Leaders I have learned that it is not about me changing the world alone. It is about how I can use my position and my skills in the best way possible and take responsibility to drive the world in a better direction."

    – Malene Rogdaberg Trå (Participant in Future Leaders 2019/2020)
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