Dear Leaders of the Future,
do you want to mobilize and empower a new generation of conscious leaders?

Then we are thrilled to get to know you!

Your journey.
We, as a global society, are currently facing a multitude of complex challenges. Now, more than ever, the world is in need of more conscious leaders to take responsibility for solving the known and unknown complex challenges of the future. We need to find better ways of connecting and cooperating glocally and to empower everyone who is ready to create a more thriving world. This is where you come in.

Future Leaders (FL) is inviting you to initiate one of 15 new Future Leaders communities around the world which will begin their lifelong journey of conscious and responsible leadership. As an initiator of an FL community, you will practice how to mobilize, coordinate, and facilitate a 21-century leadership development program, thus connecting young leaders and creating impact in your local community. During your journey, you will work autonomously with your local team, while practicing resilience, facilitation, adaptation, self-leadership, and taking responsibility in complex environments. This is right for you if you feel the urgency to act on behalf of your local community and create an impact in the lives of other people.

Why we exist.
Future Leaders Global is a distributed leadership community driven by volunteers who themselves organize and coordinate local leadership programs. For the last six years, over a thousand Future Leaders have graduated from the programs. Hundreds of Future leaders have volunteered and contributed to realizing our collective mission and we are now expanding our community to 15+ cities worldwide. Our objective is for the next three years to empower 100.000 young conscious leaders to take responsibility in creating a more thriving world. If you also believe that we are the generation that will and have to find a better way through current global crises, we want to work together with you to initiate a Future Leaders program in your local community.

Our Program.
The Future Leaders Program (Click here to learn more) focuses on cultivating proactive abilities that are applicable to navigating any situation or challenge in life. The program is aimed at developing personal coping strategies for self-leadership, leadership, and complex problem solving through practice, learning, and challenging each other. The program is divided into three main modules securing both personal and professional growth. In a total of six weekends, each gathering consists of two days of hands-on and highly participatory practice plus preparatory academic work.

The three modules are (1) Self, (2) Relations and Collaboration, and (3) System Thinking and Personal Direction. Their Objectives are:
  1. Developing the ability to influence oneself through self-leadership, insight, and self-mastery
  2. Fostering and building healthy relationships, developing networks, and understanding relational dynamics.
  3. Developing system thinking understanding, complex problem-solving skills, and hands-on experience on how to create change in systems.

Initiators Responsibilities, Timeline and Support

As an initiator, you will be the seed that facilitates for your local community flourishing. Among other things, setting up an FL program includes the following responsibilities which can be distributed within your local team:

  • Finding a core team + participants for the program (November-February)
  • Depending on what level of distribution you choose for your local community, you will be initiating, hosting, and participating in the program locally for six weekends (Saturday + Sunday). There are two gatherings a month between February-May, depending on when you plan the gatherings.
  • 6 hours preparation per week for core team until the beginning of the program in February
  • Co-creating the scaling journey with the international scaling team.
  • Handing over the program to the next generation of local hosts

Be part of a scaling community.
When hosting the program in your local community, you will be part of a glocal scaling team consisting of 14 other initiators and the Future Leaders Global scaling team that will continuously support you with:
  • Training in facilitation and hosting
  • Training in our leadership program
  • Onboarding on our platforms
  • Marketing material and strategy
  • Follow-up in regular meetings

A brief overview of how the coming months will look like for you as an initiator.

Time / Phases Responsibilities
Now - Oct 30th Finding 15 Initiators / Initiators Application Process /
Four Initiators Meetings (October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th)

1st of Nov 15 Initiators Committed and ready for Onboarding / Training
Nov 1st - Dec 15th Onboarding / Training Initiators + Core Team
Dec 10th - Jan 20th Coordinate Local Program Marketing / Application Process
Feb - May 6 Gatherings over 4 months depending on your local timeline needs
April / May Handing over responsibility to next years local FL team
Do you feel the calling?
Understand the project
Understand FLG and your role as Initiator
Click HERE to read about our Scaling Strategy and watch THIS FILM to get a little deeper understanding.
Meet us in the team
Book a 1to1 conversation with the scaling team in October where we will explore with you our vision and plan for scaling. Click HERE to attend an Initiator briefing meeting.
Send your application!
Follow the link below to send us an application. This way we can get to know you a bit better.

* You must be over 18 years old
* Future Leaders may not be used topromote any spiritual, religious or political beliefs
* You will not be accepted as initiator if you are accociated with any controversial or extremist organizations
* The Future Leaders brand or program may not be used for any commercial purpose
* The Future Leaders program can not be affiliated with any other organizations, conferences, non-profits, NGOs or corporation
Emilie started Future Leaders in Zimbabwe!
After working with several youth organizations in Zimbabwe, Emilie ├śrneseidet from Norway felt extremely inspired by how the young people embodied leadership in challenged situations and wanted to continue working with young leaders who could take long term responsibility for our planet. Then she found Future Leaders and decided to set up a local team in Zimbabwe. Listen to her inspiring words.
Robin started Future Leaders in Berlin
Robin has been part of FL for five years and contributed to setting up eight different locations. His personal guiding star mission is to design cultures where people bloom and he also shares the mission of Future Leaders - "Mobilizing, developing and empowering the next generation of conscious leaders to work together on glocal challenges and take long term responsibility." Please listen to his journey and why you should join us on our mission.
Steve started Future Leaders in Bergen!
Steve Contreras was a Future Leaders participant in Oslo while living in Bergen. When he was done, he gathered a team and decided to start Future Leaders there as well. He is eager to share his experience with you! If you have any questions, he is more than happy to answer them by phone +47 98084042.
"The only way to predict the future is to shape it"
We look forward to sharing it with you
Do you want all details of the program?
Our whole program is open sourced at Gitbook. So if you are curious you can have a deepdive in all the content in terms of methods, theory and practicalities.