Initiate workshops to empower young leaders in your city!
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We truly believe that the potential that lies in the young is what will solve our global crisis. Therefore, we must get the widest reach possible to empower these future leaders! But we can't do it alone! We need you to take part in scaling Future Leaders to new places ⎼ both in larger and smaller cities, both in developed and developing countries. We have open-sourced all details of our program and made it possible for anyone to initiate smaller Future Leaders workshops in their own city.

How do you Initiate
Future Leaders workshops?
Before you start
Get to know Future Leaders
The first step towards starting Future Leaders in your city, is to get to know the organisation, so you can consider whether starting a new team is something you really want to do. Please read about our reason for being here. It is very important for us that the people starting new local teams align with our overall mission. You need to be aware that starting a local Future Leaders team is a serious commitment. But at the same time, it is also intensely rewarding and important work where you can create massive impact - personally, locally and globally.
Send your application
If you resonate with our mission and wish to move forward, you fill in the application form below on this page. This is for us to get some knowledge about who you are and why you want to initiate a new local team. We will then invite you for a conversation, and together we decide if we are a good match.
Ready to rock!
Gather a team
No one can be fabulous alone! Look to your established network of friends, or reach out to someone at your school to find someone that resonate with the mission of Future Leaders. They do not have to apply, because if you are accepted as an initiator we trust you to make these decisions. In the Future Leaders manual you will find good tips on how to establish a well functioning team and what roles you should try to get covered.

Create the workshops
We have a lot of diffent workshops with different themes that you can host. You can start with oen on your favourite theme and evaluate, or plan for several right away. This is up to you.

Be socially sustainable
We are on a serious mission together, with no time to lose. This means that it is very important to create a local team and community that can last. In the Future Leaders program we recruite previous participants of to be hosts for next years participants. We recommend you to also try to recruit from the community you gain over a year. To create this sustainable social effect it is important to focus on good transfers of knowledge and experience, create a space where individuals feel safe and, last but not least, have a lot of fun together!
Apply to initiate workshops!

* You must be over 18 years old
* Future Leaders may not be used topromote any spiritual, religious or political beliefs
* You will not be accepted as initiator if you are accociated with any controversial or extremist organizations
* The Future Leaders brand or program may not be used for any commercial purpose
* The Future Leaders program can not be affiliated with any other organizations, conferences, non-profits, NGOs or corporation
Emilie started Future Leaders in Zimbabwe!
After working with several youth organizations in Zimbabwe, Emilie Ørneseidet from Norway felt extremely inspired by how the young people embodied leadership in challenged situations and wanted to continue working with young leaders who could take long term responsibility for our planet. Then she found Future Leaders and decided to set up a local team in Zimbabwe. Listen to her inspiring words.
Emilie is an inspiring woman who initiated Future Leaders in Zimbabwe. Hear her story.
Do you want all details of the program?
Our whole program is open sourced at Gitbook. So if you are curious you can have a deepdive in all the content in terms of methods, theory and practicalities.
Join our community on Discord
Please join our open conversations on the Discord app. This is where the global community stay in touch, discuss various themes of interest and get to know each other. Welcome!