The Open Impact Program
This hybrid program empowers you to deepen your leadership skills and drive positive change in your organization, together with like-minded professionals.
The program is divided into 4 gatherings. The first one runs for 3 days in person, the other run 2 days online each.
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9 days
Full access
Meet participants from different organizations and industries. Expand your network and gain new perspectives.
Get access to the Future Leaders learning platform and go through additional course material at your own pace.
We kick-off with three days in Oslo, Norway. The rest of the program is run online for maximum flexibility. All in timezone CEST.

The problem
Our world is constantly changing and we are facing a magnitude of challenges such as the climate crisis, economic instability, social injustices, and rising levels of stress.
We know we need to develop new solutions fast, both for ourselves and our organizations. This program helps to develop the capabilities to do both. Proactively. As a leader.

Key learnings
Get new perspectives on yourself and how to do meaningful work together with others!
Discover your purpose and commit to your passions. Begin a lifelong practice of self-leadership by looking inwards and standing strong in your own story.
Empowered collaboration
Lead and build thriving relationships and resilient team cultures that can adapt to complex challenges and have transformative impact.
Transformative capabilities
Sustainability, exponential technologies, new-work concepts. Our world is complex and ever-changing. Unleash your power, navigate this maze and take meaningful action, individually and together with others.
Our partners and participants report:
Increased ability to practice self-leadership on a regular basis

Leading to:

Increased well-being
Higher satisfaction
Reduced turnover
Increased ability to establish professional relations

Leading to:

High-performing teams
Cultural cohesion
Strong synergies across teams
Increased ability to create value and drive change

Leading to:
Future-oriented cultures
Increased innovation capabilities
Proactive employee engagement
Who will benefit from this course
For us everyone is a leader who wants to:
  • (Corporate)
    This course will help you drive meaningful change in your organization based on an understanding of yourself and how to engage with bigger (corporate) systems.
  • (Social)
    This course will help you clarify your own as well as your startup's mission, explore long-term business opportunities, and build thriving teams.
  • (Young)
    This course will help you to build and/or expand the foundation of your career, understand how to drive positive change in this world, and how to do all of that together with others.
Some of our partners
Multiple layers of perspectives and dynamic learning
The Future Leaders Method
Future Leaders - Overview
The Open Impact Program is based on three different modules:

Self, Relations, and Systems

These modules are interlinked and continuously build on the themes and lessons learned in the various sessions.
Reshape the future, influence tomorrow by taking lead today.
Course program
The program is designed around 4 gatherings where participants are guided through a combination of individual reflections, sharing in pairs and small groups, guided discussions, and interactive lectures.

The next Open Impact Program
April to June 2023
Dates to be announced soon
Registration open
Welcome to the Community Platform
Module 1: Welcome the Self (in Oslo, Norway)
Module 2: Relating and Collaborating
Module 3: Nested Systems
Module 4: Open Impact
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