Future Leaders in EDUCATION
Online program for educators who feel that there must be a better way.
Shaping the future starts with us!

April - June 2021
The past year has been full of challenges..

This is why Future Leaders is now launching a program specially for people in the field of education.

    What you will experience
    Live gatherings
    We will meet online for 6 highly participatory live gatherings, starting with a week-end kick off and followed by biweekly evening sessions.
    Small group
    You will be part of a small group that supports you in your development, led by a dedicated host who has been through the program before.
    Globally diverse participants
    You will get to share and learn among a group with different experiences and expertise/ community platform
    Highly participatory program
    This program is not for sitting back and listening. It will be what we make of it together! Be prepared to share what is important for you, and show up for yourself and others.
    Independent reflections
    Between all gatherings, you will have ca. 2,5 hours independent exercises, comprised of video and reflections
    Taking action
    We're all here because we want to make changes. You know best where in your life it is important for YOU to take action. We will provide follow-up and accountability.
    "Through Future Leaders I have learned that it is not about me changing the world alone. It is about how I can use my position and my skills in the best way possible and take responsibility to drive the world in a better direction."
    – Malene Rogdaberg Trå (Participant in Future Leaders 2019/2020)
    April 18-19
    09:00–15:00 CET
    April 18-19
    09:00–15:00 CET
    G1: Meeting and Exploring Futures
    Who are we and what kind of future do we want to create?
    April 27
    17.30-21.30 CET
    April 27
    17.30-21.30 CET
    G2: Self-leadership
    How can I lead myself to be the change I want to see?
    G3: Relations and collaboration
    How can I create healthy, supportive and generative relations?
    G4: Leadership and Power
    How can I influence the situations around me?
    G5: Systems Leadership
    What kind of change is mine to lead?
    G6: Direction
    What do I want to commit to?
    After the program, you will:
    • Understand the glocal challenges and opportunities we are facing
    • Stand strong in your own story and self-worth
    • Discover your passion and commit to your purpose
    • Begin a lifelong practice of self-leadership
    • Lead thriving and resilient team cultures that can adapt to complex challenges and have transformative impact
    • Unleash/use your power to create positive impact

    Leadership is a lifelong process, where the program is the first stepping stone towards lifelong learning. After completing the program you are invited to become a host in the program yourself. By being a host, you will continue to practice responsibility, leadership and create impact in the lives of others. Read more about being a host here.
    Questions & Answers
    Is this program for me?
    Anyone can sign up - all we ask is that you are open minded and care about our common future.

    It is important that you are able to attend all the planned gatherings - your presence is very important for the group you will be part of.
    What language is the progam?
    All learning materials and communication will be in English
    When can I become a group host?
    When you have been a participant in the program, you are invited to join a coming program as a group host. This is an important aspect of the learning journey you have kickstarted as a participant - to jump head first into practicing responsibility and leadership by making the program available and create impact for more people around the world.
    Can I host an online program?
    If you have been a participant in the program before, you most definitely can host a program yourself. It is a truly rewarding experience. Please write henriette.wulff@futureleadersglobal.com
    Do you still have questions?
    Ask us in the chat HERE.