Regeneration in Business
Curious about the buzz around regenerative leadership and business? Wondering what it truly means and how it can transform your workplace?

In this Playground, we'll delve into the world of regenerative leadership and business, unpacking what sets it apart from traditional approaches.

On top of this:

→ Sessions to inspire and transport into the power of movement, breath, music, art and play
→ Panel dialogue with a group of passionate guests wanting to share their perspectives
→ Community dinner and socializing to grow new connections and opportunities between us

Join us for two playful days to explore the world of regeneration!
June 14 & 15, 09:00 - 17:00 CET
(+ community dinner on day 2)

Hos Arne - Oslo, Norway

Professionals with +3 years of work experience
Group size: 20-30 participants

Lunch, snacks and coffee on both days,
and dinner on Saturday
Interested but the dates are a no-go?
Join the waiting list for the next one!

Exploring Regeneration
  • Welcome and Overview of the Program
  • Playful Trust Building and Getting to Know your Group
  • Long-Termism: The Future Now
  • Gallery Exploration at Hos Arne
  • Fighting the Shadows: Cognitive Dissonance goes Wellbeing
  • Planting Regeneration: Give Me More and Take That
  • Breathwork session with Guide
  • Closing and Individual Reflections
Learning outline

  • Elise Kristoffersen
    CFO at FLO
    "Playground was a holistic experience. I loved how this workshop combined cognitive learning, discussions, reflections, sharing in smaller and larger groups, physical movement to music, feelings (yes, actually setting aside time to feel – how awesome!) and so much more."
  • Simon Jarl Brasøy Fjeldvær
    Manager at Assessit
    "The days were beyond my expectations! It really stands out, because of the community, the people, and the combination of personal and professional growth. I would love to come back because I would like to meet new people and explore other topics and challenges. Highly recommend it to all my friends. I think it would be an eye-opener."
  • Mara Lehmann
    Co-founder & CEO at tumblebee
    "The Playground is not your regular leadership training. It is deep, playful, and authentic. The facilitators were able to create a space of trust and openness from the first to the last hour. I left the two days energized, peaceful, inspired, and with a bunch of new, wonderful connections."

Dialogue guests
  • Pål Kildemo
    Advisor to the CEO, Norsk Hydro
  • Guro Røberg
    Head of Realization at ÆRA
  • Coming soon
    We promise.
We meet in-person for a highly participatory and effective learning experience.
Small group
We connect in a small group to make sure everyone receives personal feedback.
Diverse participants
We share and learn among peers with different experiences and expertise.
Practicing together
We experience and practice the skills we want to learn directly.
Playful learning
We embrace fun and play because that is how we learn best as humans.
Taking action
We align on concrete strategic points on how to practice regeneration going forward.
  • Tilmann Stolte
    CEO of Future Leaders Global
    Social innovator, board member, and musician. He's passionate about driving planet-positive change and music that grooves.
  • Nina Waage
    Project Lead at The Playground
    Climate Physics engineer, entrepreneur and dancer. With a passion for leadership, earth systems, mindset change and the power of play.
  • Ingeborg Vale Opdal
    Program Manager at Future Leaders Global
    Facilitator, teacher, radio host and DJ, with a passion for people, communication, leadership development and cultures.

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