South Africa
Transformative Leadership in Times of Complexity and Uncertainty
Online Course
The programme provides a platform for individuals to respond to the complex challenges of our times, supporting leaders and organizations in exploring new ways to show up in the world in times of uncertainty. This program is specifically designed for organizations and corporations in Southern Africa.

About the Online Course
Thriving in an age of emergent, complex and interconnected challenges, requires a radical shift of mindset and behaviour. Change is and has always been driven by people. Especially leaders.
The current Coronavirus outbreak has pushed organizations, businesses and individuals into a state of fear and uncertainty. We are standing face to face with a global challenge and lock-down requiring leaders and organizations to act from a place of wisdom with a willingness to explore the unknown. This program supports and develops role models who can lead companies in dealing with these new challenges.
We provide a platform for both personal leadership development and deep relational building, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and how to face an uncertain future with purpose and intention.
About Future Leaders Global
Future Leaders takes a deep dive into understanding complexity, change and chaord – the space between chaos and order. We focus on reflection and dialogue: thinking together and acting from a place of knowledge and awareness.

Established in Oslo in 2015, Future Leaders has grown to 8 cities on 3 continents. We have trained more than 600 leaders in diverse sectors and have hosted more than 100 leadership gatherings.

Our program is anchored in the latest leadership research, transformative learning, and complexity theory. We teach three key skills: leadership (self and relational), collaborations, and systems.
Learning Outcomes of the Online Program
We have designed the program to focus on developing the abilities that are adapted to each individual's personal needs, relationships and context. We do not believe that we can know or define beforehand what each participant needs to learn or develop. We believe in facilitating a learning space where they have the environment needed to challenge their own assumptions/beliefs/biases, widen their perspective, and learn how to take advantage of the science of behaviour change.
Module Overview
The program consist of 5 modules focused on three main themes: Self leadership, Leadership and Systems.
Session 1
Self-leadership: My place in the World

+ The ability to know and change myself - thoughts, feelings, will, behaviour, moral development - so as to cope with the complex challenges in my everyday life, South African society, and the world at large.
+ To work with motivation, initiative, performance and growth in the workplace in a time of crisis and global lock-down.
Session 2
My Community: Building relationships and Collaborations
+ We direct our attention towards relational processes to be able to form healthier relationships and more effective collaborations.
+ Sensing the relational field to better understand what is happening between people and how to solve complex problems in collaboration with others.

Session 3
Where are we going? Developing Direction, Purpose and Vision
+ The ability to cultivate a clear sense of purpose, direction and vision, and how it connects to my work and its alignment with my organisation's purpose, direction and vision.
+ The ability to act from a place of inner knowledge, and being able to plunge myself into new projects with clear vision, and continuously learn new ways of being effective in my work.

Session 4
Understanding and Navigating Complexity (Impact 1)
+ The ability to understand context, trends and information flows so as to develop solutions to complex challenges facing South African society, and lead change processes at various scales and levels of organisation.
+ Understanding old linear and mechanistic systems and how to create more systemic, human-centred and holistic ones.

Session 5
Lifelong Learning and Personal Impact (Impact 2)
+ The ability to develop and grow as a person, pushing personal boundaries by constantly applying feedback and reflection, and using tools that help to get 'unstuck' when facing complex challenges.
+ Playing an active role in helping systems shift in the world to create a sustainable and regenerative future for all.

Our Method
Our mission is to facilitate personal learning processes, not to "give the right answer" on any subject.
How do we facilitate learning spaces?
We create deep learning spaces through vulnerability and trust, building collaborative reflections in peer- to-peer settings.

How do we work with behaviour change?
We practice reflection and deep-learning. The participants develop their own coping-strategies to meet challenges in their professional and personal life.

How do we turn knowledge into action?
We have a highly pragmatic view on leadership. The program is designed to close the gap between knowing and doing, though an emphasis on practical and contextual learning.

How will you learn online?
The program offers a rich online learning experience which combines audio material, videos and live talks from our facilitators. Moreover, personal reflection exercises and structured group interaction serve as a backbone and support throughout the whole learning experience.

Practical information
Course duration:
Each module lasting 4 weeks
R5990 per person per module
Read about the Harare program
30-40 hours
6-8 hours per week