We will make sure that anyone can participate in our program. So, if we do not have a local team in your city yet, you can join the online version.
How will this work?

We will, from 20/21, host an online version of the program every year for all the amazing young leaders that live places where we don't have a local team yet. So, if still applies to you, please apply, and choose "Online" as your city.
Gathering dates 20/21

Make sure you can commit to joining all gatherings before applying - your presence is important for the whole team.
Age group
Of course, this is flexible. We care more about who you are than your age!
Program Fee
Written questionnaire
Second round is trough interviews
You will be informed if you are in the program on this date.
Who is the future leader?

The future leaders are not characterized by their position, accomplishements or status! Neither by their gender, age or nationality! The future leaders are those who acknowledge that we as individuals have the ability to positively affect the world we live in. Even if it is done small scale by minor improvements in your private-life or mindset, or on a global scale by dedicating your life to fighting the sustainability goals. The future leaders are those to wish to make ethical choices and work towards sustainability responsibly, no matter where you are.

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